Vegan Casseroles…The Yummiest Review of My Life and a GIVEAWAY!!!

The name alone should sound like a miracle!

The name alone should sound like a miracle!


I am still struggling to find a better word than “WOW!” to describe this book…This book wasn’t just created for vegan families but this was created for those who like to entertain or go to their local vegan potlucks and they want to provide a meal that is not only fuss free but also delicious.  I’ll admit, casseroles have gotten a bad name over the years…Mine was an incident when I was seven or eight years old and my mother found a recipe for something called “Busy Day Casserole” and the meal was so nasty that I prayed the next time my mom decided to have a “busy day” she would just get take out instead!  Well this book breaks the stereotype and now even in the vegan community, we have the best casseroles in town all thanks to the genius that is Julie Hasson! Continue reading

It’s been too long…

Blogging feels like an old shoe but when you actually get to your computer, it kinda feels like this...

Blogging feels like an old shoe but when you actually get to your computer, it kinda feels like this…

No one will ever tell you that blogging is easy…Blogging with kids running around the house and destroying things makes things even more complicated.  Life gets distracting in my world and as a result, this blog has suffered.  It shocks me that the last time I posted was when I was going to Veganmania in Chicago as a guest speaker on vegan parenting.  While I had a lot of fun in Chicago and I would love to come back soon and hopefully do another Veganmania.  Maybe next time I can bring my whole family.  Speaking of whole family…Let me bring you up to speed on my life:

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One more post before I go…

header-speakersThe day is coming fast….Chicago Veganmania!!!  This will actually be my first trip away from my husband and kids….The last time I recall being away from my husband overnight or more was when I was pregnant with our first child and his work had him flying everywhere right before I gave birth (luckily, he was home when I went into labor!).  But a lot has changed since then.  I went on to create this blog and I was crazy enough to have another kid since then…hahaha!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Camille and every morning I wake up knowing that I have this HUGE gummy smile waiting for me the moment I open the door to the nursery.  I just haven’t slept uninterrupted for what seems like forever and I have a feeling that as much as I look forward to sleeping without anyone waking me up, I am going to miss the sound of my kids’ voices.  Continue reading

V is for Vegan: A Review from a Real Vegan Mom Raising Two Vegan Girls….

VIV_cover_popupI’ve got a (yet another) confession to make…When I found out I was pregnant with Raegan, I was excited to share with her all the books that made me smile as a kid.  And back when I was a future vegan in the making, I was quite the bookworm and I definitely give my love of reading and my thirst of knowledge to leading me to vegetarianism when I was 13 and eventually veganism 5 years ago.  Speaking of which, one of these days, I need to share with you guys my story as to how me and my husband became vegan…It was from a pretty unlikely place and the people we talk to love hearing about it! Continue reading

Life After Baby…

My husband was the one who actually wanted this...My gag reflex doesn't!

My husband was the one who actually wanted this…My gag reflex doesn’t!

Even after you have your first kid, you think you have everything you need for the next kid…especially if your child is the same gender.  Well, as you can tell by this photo, my family was still on a quest for the most BIZARRE things to add to our must have list.  Rest assured, I am not reviewing this god awful device (many moms and even my husband swear by it!), but instead I wanted to show this photo to talk about the things in my life that I can do without…And my post baby bod is one of them (this snot sucker comes a close second!). Continue reading

A Lot Has Happened….And More to Come!!!

It has been FOREVER since I posted as it has been crazy in our household.  And since I hate it when people leave me hanging, I will come out right now and give you a good reason why…

Welcome Camille!!!

Welcome to the world, Camille!!!

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